Collectively, the 11 members of the Board of Directors have nearly 300 years of Army experience and expertise.

The Army Women’s Foundation Board is comprised of volunteers whose service to the United States Army and the nation continues through their work with the Foundation, their post-military careers, and other community organizations. Many of them are trailblazers, having held responsibilities in Army jobs that were not traditional for their gender or for their military occupation. They include a graduate of the first gender-integrated class of the US Military Academy; the first active duty woman aviation Brigadier General; the first woman to command a Pershing Missile Battery; one of the first non-physician brigade level commanders in the Army Medical Command; the first female command sergeant major of a sub-unified combatant command; and the former senior enlisted advisor to the Surgeon General of the Army.

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Meet Our Team

Donna Brock

Command Sergeant Major, USA (Ret.)


Jayne Carson

Colonel, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

Kristal Florquist

Command Sergeant Major, USA

Board Member

Walt Gunning

Colonel, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

Anne F. Macdonald

Brigadier General, USA (Ret.)


Jenelle B. Roberts

Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

M. Isabelle Slifer

Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

Mary Coleman Spring

Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret.)

2nd Vice President

Ruth VanDyke

USA, Retired


pamela williams

Pamela Williams

Command Sergeant Major, USA

Board Member

Phyllis Wilson

CW5, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

Executive Committee

  • BG (Ret) Anne Macdonald
    • President
  • COL (Ret) Jayne Carson
    • 1st Vice President
  • LTC (Ret) Mary Coleman Spring
    • 2nd Vice President
  • CSM (Ret) Donna Brock
    • Treasurer
  • Ruth VanDyke
    • Secretary

Board of Directors

  • CSM (Ret) Donna Brock
  • COL (Ret) Jayne Carson
  • CSM Kristal Florquist
  • COL (Ret) Walt Gunning
  • BG (Ret) Anne Macdonald
  • LTC (Ret) Jenelle B. Roberts
  • LTC (Ret) Isabelle Slifer
  • LTC (Ret) Mary Coleman Spring
  • Ruth VanDyke
  • CSM Pamela Williams
  • CWS (Ret) Phyllis Wilson

Advisory Board

  • MG (Ret) Donna Barbisch
  • COL (Ret) Alice L. O’K. Demarais
  • MG (Ret) Jan Edmunds
  • BG (Ret) Evelyn P. Foote
  • LTC (Ret) Michelle Greene
  • Ms. Dawn Halfaker
  • CSM (Ret) Cindy Pritchett
  • COL (Ret) Janet Southby
  • The Honorable Caryn A. Wagner

Former Directors since 2008

  • COL Miriam Cruz
  • LTC (Ret) Eunice Roberta Dobbs (deceased)
  • SGM (Ret) Andrea Farmer
  • COL (Ret) Arlene F. Greenfield (deceased)
  • Ms. Gail Howell
  • SGM (Ret) Diana Huron
  • COL (Ret) Patricia Jernigan
  • Belinda LaValle
  • LTC (Ret) Vicki A. Merryman
  • CSM (Ret) Sue Pierce
  • BG (Ret) Belinda Pinckney
  • MSG (Ret) Joan Plourde
  • Mr. Ronald A Redmon Jr.
  • SGM Stephanie Rhodes
  • Jennifer Siciliano
  • Ms. Helen “Gig” Smith
  • Dr. Patricia Taylor
  • 1SG (Ret) Elizabeth “Franki” Whitbeck
  • Nanette White
  • The Honorable Caryn Wagner

Director Emeriti

  • Sergeant Major (Ret) Cathy Aleshire
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) F. Catherine Bander
  • Colonel (Ret) Doris L. Caldwell
  • BG (Ret) Evelyn P. Foote
  • Colonel (Ret) Shirley R. Heinze (deceased)
  • Major (Ret) Betty Hinkson
  • Ms. Gail Howell
  • Colonel (Ret) Patricia Jernigan
  • Command Sergeant Major (Ret) Helen I. Johnston
  • Command Sergeant Major (Ret) Mary A. Lee
  • Colonel (Ret) Vickie Longenecker
  • Major (Ret) Joyce Pennington
  • CSM (Ret) Sue Pierce
  • Master Sergeant (Ret) Joan Plourde
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Sharie Russell
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Doreen Steklasa

Meet Our Staff

Peggy Trossen

Executive Director

Beth Spitzley

Director of Administration

Leslie Rush



  • Dan Elder
    Top Sarge
  • Eleanor H. Maguire
    McLaughlin Ryder Investments
  • Michelle A.W. McKinnon, Esquire
    McGuireWoods LLP
  • Mr. Thomas A. Puryear, Partner
    Mitchell, Wiggins & Company LLP