Ruth VanDyke is a retired Chemical Corps officer and was one of the early females to be commissioned through the ROTC program.  She has served in a variety of tactical, strategic and leadership positions. Her assignments include brigade chemical officer, (1st ID(F), 41st FA and 2ID,) 38th Chem commander, (USFK), Chemical Officer Advanced Course, Course Manager and Operations Officer, at the live agent training facility, (CDTF)  at the U.S. Army Chemical School. After completing the Army Training with Industry Program, with General Dynamics, she transferred to the newly established Acquisition Corps and was assigned to the Army Materiel Command. In 1992, Ruth returned to the Chemical Corps, was assigned to the Army Staff in the Pentagon and culminated her career at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, with US Army Pacific.  She is the co-author of the historical fiction series, “Guardians of Peace” which chronicles the experiences of the first women to be commissioned through the Army ROTC program and the first women to attend West Point.  Volume 3, “Athena Unleashed” was released in February 2018 and she and her co-author, Yvonne Doll, are working on volume 4.