MSG Elizabeth Anne Helm-Frazier was born in St. Petersburg, FL, and is the oldest of five children. She joined the Army for its educational and job opportunities.  Throughout her 25 year career, she held a variety of assignments and high-profile positions.  Some of her military career highlights include being U.S. Army TRADOC’s Career Counselor of the Year, San Antonio’s Mentor of the Year, Past President of the Northern Virginia Chapter 33, and the Women’s Army Corps, Volunteer of the Year, Fort Gordon, GA.

Frequently commended as an expert in personnel and career counseling, her unit and leadership retention programs were worthy of emulation and demonstrated outstanding supervisory and management with subordinates.  She was an exceptional Soldier, role model, and frequently commended for her outstanding leadership, recruitment, and retention skills.

After her retirement in 2006, Elizabeth Helm-Frazier has continued her service to military women, veterans, and community activities. One of her many ongoing volunteer commitments is ensuring the legacy of the 6888th Postal Battalion, the first and only all-Black and all-female unit to deploy to the European Theater of Operations during World War II. Through her efforts, she helped raise funds to build a monument at Fort Leavenworth to recognize the 6888th’s exemplary service in WWII. Additionally, she served as a producer of the critically acclaimed documentary, “No Mail, Low Morale,” which tells the 6888th Postal Directory Battalion story.

Elizabeth Helm-Frazier is highly skilled at providing counseling and guidance to Army women and continues to be an advocate and role model for Army women.