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The Story of SFC Brittany Conley

By June 29, 2020 No Comments

SFC Brittany ConleySFC Brittany Conley is currently serving as the Senior Recruiter Team Lead for the South Carolina National Guard recently graduated from Purdue University Global. Here is her story.

“I beat the odds.

I was born to a teenage parent. The statistical chance of becoming a teenage parent myself was high, as well as a lower IQ and academic achievement, and being socioeconomically disadvantaged. My parents tried but between their battles of drug/alcohol abuse, mental illness, and domestic issues inside my home, I left at the age of 16. I became emancipated at 17 and barely graduated high school.

Then one day, I decided to bank on someone else, and I committed to the National Guard. The National Guard committed to me. All the leaders I came across invested in my success and pushed me to be better. Better for my family, my community, my organization, and my country.

They afforded me so many different opportunities from being a combat medic to reclassify as a journalist. From making sure I was employed. To assisting me when I was a “tour of duty” Soldier and went to Afghanistan with the South Dakota National Guard. To help me move to South Carolina from Washington when I needed to be closer to family.

It only seems fair at this point to thank the National Guard and all the leaders who stood behind me, encouraging me, and motivating me. I obtained my bachelor’s in communications.

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