Lieutenant Colonel Clydellia S. Prichard-Allen was born in Gary, Indiana and raised in  Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated High School at the age of 16 and began her collegiate  studies at Mercer University. In 1989, she began her military career in the Army  Reserves as an enlisted Signal Corps Soldier. In 1992, after serving three years with the  Reserves, went Active Duty as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Specialist. After nearly six years as an enlisted Soldier, LTC Prichard-Allen competed for, and won a “Green to  Gold” scholarship to South Carolina State University (Bulldogs). In 1998, she graduated  SCSU with a BA in Psychology with honors, and was commissioned 2LT as a  Distinguished Military Graduate into the Adjutant General’s Corps. Advancing her  studies; in 2003 she received a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development  through Webster University.  

Her military officer’s career began in 1998 at Fort Bragg, NC. Her previous assignments  include serving as the Executive Officer for Bravo Detachment, 18th Personnel Services  Battalion (PSB), Fort Bragg, NC; as the Battalion Adjutant for the 9th Psychological  Operations Battalion, 4th Psychological Operations Group; and as the Enlisted Strength  Manager for the 1st Corps Support Command (COSCOM). In 2002, she was selected to  command Alpha Detachment, 203rd PSB, in Fort Wainwright, Alaska. After completing  her tour in Alaska, she was selected to serve as a Promotions and Selection Boards  Recorder for the Department of the Army Secretariat. She was then selected to serve as the Executive Officer for the Director of Military Personnel Management (DMPM)  under the Army G-1. 

After completing this assignment and attending the Command General Staff College, LTC Prichard-Allen was reassigned to Fort Bragg, NC as the Brigade Adjutant for the  82d Combat Aviation Brigade where she deployed for one year to Afghanistan and was  responsible for managing the strength and readiness of over 3200 Soldiers during  Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF 11-12). During this assignment LTC Prichard-Allen  established the first Female Mentoring program for her brigade to ensure female Soldiers  received mentoring and professional development in a male dominant environment.  After returning from deployment, she held three key positions under the United States  Army Physical Disability Agency (PDA) in Arlington, Virginia. Senior Evaluations  Board Recorder and Manager, where she assessed and made recommendations  concerning medical packets submitted by Soldiers seeking medical retirement; Senior Operations division Officer under the PDA where she managed the daily operations for  the PDA within the National Capital Region. Finally, she was selected over her peers to  serve as the PDA Chief of Staff for the entire agency consisting of multiple agencies and  installations.  

In July 2015, LTC Prichard-Allen became the first female to serve as the Battalion  Commander of the Columbus Ohio Recruiting command. After two years of successful 

command, LTC Prichard-Allen was selected to serve as the first Military Personnel  Division Chief for the Army’s Cyber Command. She was the primary senior leader  responsible for establishing, implementing, managing, and overseeing policies and  

procedures for all military personnel actions and programs throughout ARCYBER on  behalf of the ARCYBER G1. She helped establish the new ARCYBER talent  management process, created strength-management objectives, developed officer  distribution plans, managed staff evaluations, supported all mobilization planning and  utilization tasks, managed military awards, monitored Army Selection boards processes  and improved the timeliness of submitting retirement packets.  

After serving in this three-year assignment, LTC Prichard-Allen was selected to serve as  the Executive Officer for the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-9. She currently manages all executive activities, scheduling, and travel requirements for a HQDA  primary staff. She is the senior lead for the DCS, G-9 Tier-3 Senior Executive Service  (SES) responsible for policy guidance, planning, programming and budgeting of Army  resources to meet senior army leader’s priorities of readiness, modernization, reform and  quality of life on all Army installations, globally and across all Components to support  Soldiers, Families and Civilians. She coordinates requirements and information sharing  with four GO/SES Directorates to ensure effective staff coordination, process  effectiveness, and mission success. 

LTC Prichard-Allen is the Executive Board Director for the Pentagon Female Mentoring  and Morale program (FMMP) at the Pentagon Most recently, LTC Prichard-Allen along  with her twin sister, COL Clydea Prichard-Brown (founder of the CASCOM (FMMP),  introduced the FMMP to the Army Chief of Staff, the Army G-1, the Army Women’s  Initiative Team Leaders and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense senior  leadership. LTC Prichard-Allen’s intent of the briefings was to establish the FMMP as  an enduring Army and DOD program. As a result of these efforts, the FMMP was officially recognized as one of the primary focus areas under the Women’s Initiative  Team – TRADOC.  

She is currently a member of the Department of Defense Equity Team LOE #2 Working  Group and was just recently selected to be a Board member under the Army Women’s  Foundation. 

She is a recipient of numerous awards to include the Bronze Star Recipient. She is a  recipient of the Joint Women’s Leadership Medal and lauded for her performance as the  Mistress of Ceremony for the Army’s 246th Birthday Celebration.  

She is married to SFC(R) Michael A. Allen Sr. and they have two wonderful children,  Airmen First Class Michael Allen Jr. (22) and Ms. Kristian M. Allen (16).