Army Women’s Foundation Hall of Fame Awards are presented each March on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Since the creation of the Hall of Fame in 2009, the Army Women’s Foundation has inducted into its Hall of Fame:


  • The First Women Switchboard Operators, WWI – “The Hello Girls”
  • Women Chaplains
    • Ella E. Gibson Hobart (Posthumously)
    • Reverend Alice M. Henderson
    • COL Bonnie Koppell, USA, Retired
    • COL Janet Horton, USA, Retired
    • CPT Mel O’Malley
    • CPT Delana Small
    • CPT LeyAnne Ward
    • CPT Alison Ward
    • CPT Vivian Keady Yanquoi-West
  • BG Colleen L. McGuire, USA, Retired
  • BG Clara Adam-Ender, USA, Retired
  • CW5 Sharon Swartworth (Posthumously)
  • MAJ Helen Loretta (Freudenberger) Holmes (Posthumously)
  • 1LT Lauran Glover
  • CSM Billie Jo Boersma, USA, Retired

Special Recognition Awards:

  • CPT Whennah Andrews
  • Mr. Mark Hough
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs
  • Mr. James William Theres


  • BG Anna Mae Hays, USA, Retired (Posthumously)
  • CW5 Mary Cara Smalley, USA, Retired (Posthumously)
  • BG Malinda Dunn, USA, Retired
  • MG Patricia P. Hickerson, USA, Retired
  • CSM Evelyn Hollis, USA, Retired
  • COL Patricia Jernigan, USA, Retired
  • CW4 Petrice McKey-Reese, USA, Retired
  • Barbara Scroggin
  • First Female Army Rangers
    • CPT Kristen Griest, USA
    • 1LT Shaye Haver, USA
    • MAJ Lisa Jaster, USAR
  • Female Sentinels at Tomb of Unknowns
    • SGT Heather L. Johnsen, USA 1996
    • SGT Danyell E. Wilson, USA 1997
    • SSG Tonya D. Bell, USA 1998
    • SGT Ruth Hanks, USA 2017


  • The Honorable Coral Wong Pietsch
  • Chief Warrant Officer Five Phyllis Wilson, USAR
  • 2016 U.S. Army Olympic and Paralympic Team Members 
    • Shawn Cheshire  – Cycling
    • Colonel Patricia Collins, USA, Retired – Paratriathlon
    • Lia Coryell  – Archery
    • Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Marks  – Swimming
    • Jessica Jones Meyers  – Paratriathlon
    • Kari Miller – Sitting Volleyball
    • Shawn Morelli  – Cycling
    • Jennifer Schuble  – Cycling
    • Melissa Stockwell  – Paratriathlon
  • Command Sergeant Major Betty Benson, USA, Retired (Posthumously)
  • The Pioneer Women of Cultural Support Teams 1-7



  • COL Jill Chambers, USA, Retired
  • CSM Mary Sutherland, USA, Retired (Posthumously)
  • The Army Distinguished Flying Cross Recipients:
    • 1st Lieutenant Aleda E. Lutz, USA
    • 1st Lieutenant Roberta Schilbach Ross, USA
    • Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lori Hill, USA
    • Staff Sergeant Julia Stalker, USA (accepted by)
  • Female Firsts Award:
    • Colonel Sally Murphy, USA, Retired


  • The 14th WAC Band: America’s Last All-female Military Band
  • The Silver Star Recipients:
    • 1LT Mary Roberts, USA
    • 2LT Elaine Roe, USA
    • 2LT Rita Virginia Rourke, USA
    • 2LT Ellen Ainsworth, USA (Posthumously)
    • SGT Leigh Ann Hester, USA
    • SGT Monica L. Brown, USA
  • Female Firsts Award:
    • CSM Michele Jones, USA, Retired, Office of the Chief, U.S. Army Reserve


  • Army Women who served in the Korean War
  • GEN Ann Dunwoody, USA, Retired
  • CSM Yzetta Nelson, USA, Retired (Posthumously)
  • SGM Carolyn James, USA, Retired (Posthumously)


  • Army Women who served in Vietnam


  • SGM Grace Mueller, USA, Retired
  • First Women Graduates of the United States Military Academy, West Point –  Class of 1980


  • BG Wilma Vaught, USAF, Retired
  • LTC Tammy Duckworth, ARNG


  • CSM Cynthia Pritchett, USA, Retired
  • BG Evelyn Pat Foote, USA, Retired