A Message From Our President

Dear Army Women,

We begin 2018 by continuing to celebrate and support our women Soldiers and Veterans.

Women continue to prove their value to the U.S. Army. Women are making inroads in the new military occupations recently opened to them.

Last fall, six women at Fort Bragg made history when they became the first women in the Army to earn the Expert Infantryman Badge. They surely won’t be the last! And in January, the Army announced plans to integrate women infantry officers in infantry and armor brigades at three more installations as part of its planned phased integration. That means women infantry officers will be integrated at five posts!

The Army Women’s Foundation supports women in every Army occupation. Last year, we expanded our professional development opportunities to twice a year. Traditionally, our professional development session takes place in March, during Women’s History Month. By invitation from the Association of the United States Army, the Army Women’s Foundation presented a professional development session during AUSA’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. in October. Our theme was titled “Leading in a Complex World.” General officers, warrant officers and noncommissioned officers shared stories of challenges and successes, and offered advice on how to be a better leader. Perhaps you joined us there. If you were unable to attend, we’ve captured the key points our experts made and we share their advice with you in a separate article in this newsletter.

We now are preparing for our 10th annual Summit and our Hall of Fame Reception on Capitol Hill this month in Washington, D.C. Our Summit theme is Lead, Network, Grow. There’s more on the Summit and Hall of Fame in this issue of the Flagpole. We’ll also share more details of the Summit and Hall of Fame in our Spring issue of the Flagpole. Watch for the Spring issue in a couple of months.

In keeping with our goal of supporting Soldiers, we also include an article to inspire leaders, demonstrating how positive attitude can influence results.

We continue to be inspired by the work Soldiers and Veterans do each day. We are grateful for your generous support, which makes our work possible. We couldn’t do it without you.


Army Strong!


Brig. Gen. Anne Macdonald, USA Ret.

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