A Message From Our President

Greetings all! This is the perfect time of year to assess accomplishments, take stock of unfinished business and set goals for future endeavors. It’s the same for organizations as well as us as individuals. And this is where our paths cross. If you are planning on furthering your education, we can help. The deadline to apply for an Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship is fast approaching. Advancing education beyond high school can reap tremendous dividends, intellectually and financially. In this issue of The Flagpole, we’re focused on education. We’ll explain more about the benefits of post-secondary education, and how the Legacy Scholarship program can help put your goals within reach. We’ll also tell you about a new and unprecedented arrangement we have with an online university that could award full scholarships to as many as six people through our program. None of this is possible without you. On behalf of the Army Women’s Foundation, please accept my heart-felt gratitude.

Brig. Gen. Anne Macdonald, USA, Ret.
Army Strong!

Advanced Education Pays Off

Did you know that people who have a Bachelor’s degree earn nearly 70 percent more than those who have a high school diploma? Did you know that people who hold a certificate earn 20 percent more than people with a high school diploma? Those numbers, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Georgetown University, respectively, speak volumes about the value of post-secondary education.

Unprecedented Agreement Boosts Legacy Scholarship Program

We are very pleased to announce a new agreement with an online college that will help Army women and their families…

After Serving 10 years in the U.S. Army, this Scholar Continues to Give Back

Meet Army Veteran Adrienne Kambouris, a wife, mother and medical student, who measures her own success based on whether she helps other people…

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