Celebrate Black History Month with Us

By February 7, 2018 No Comments

The Army Women’s Foundation is pleased to celebrate Black History Month.

Throughout the month of February, the foundation will shine the spotlight on African American women’s contributions to the U.S. Army.

Each week the foundation will feature profiles of multiple women who have blazed trails in the Army. Some of them have served their country and retired from the military. Some, including those from the World War II era, have already passed. Still others are at the peak of their careers or have made history even while launching one.

These women, many of whom had to overcome adversity, stand as role models for all soldiers. We are grateful for their service.

Please follow their stories on the foundation’s Website,

We also are grateful for the help from the Army Nurse Corps Association, historian Mary Sarnecky and the Tuskegee Army Nurses Project.